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Bruce Gunter Brendon Ryan Copy Southbound

Why We Do It

Bruce Gunter Brendon Ryan Copy Southbound

We are fortunate enough to be part of the Trucking Industry in Australia and with the work we do and our history in trucks, we have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people. We wanted to highlight these people and find others like them in order to immortalise their history, their stories and their amazing accomplishements.


Meet the Team

Meet the Host and Creator of the Podcast.


Bruce Gunter

Bruce Gunter is the Co-founder and Host of The Copy Southbound Podcast. He is a former Driver, Allocator and Transport Manager. His passion and enthusiasm for the restoration of old trucks and the love for the history of Road Transport in Australia, combined with a tireless work ethic shines through the brand and is evident in everything he does. 


Our Community

As a community, we focus on the positive. Whether it's behind the wheel, in the workshop, the office or in life. There are always negatives and positives and we choose to highlight the great parts of road transport. We try to focus on the amazing people and their stories and accomplishments as well as the trucks they've owned, driven, restored or even just admired and loved. We want to make sure that these stories are kept alive.


Brendon Ryan

Brendon Ryan is the Co-founder and Creator of the Copy Southbound Podcast. As a former Driver, Allocator & Compliance Manager he has great insight into the culture of the Trucking Industry. Brendon is the man behind the scenes and is responsible for all of the episodes and content that we put out for our community.


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